Out of Breath – Written Sunday 15th March 2020 (Aged 45)

Out of Breath

the government shuffles it feet
people are out of breath,
and there are ghost like streets
this is your fate,
no clear cut leadership
and toilet roll by the crate
populism went fishing,
with fear as its bait,
brexit was the cheapest trick
but it was enough for the fearful
and those where the fog was too thick
here we are,
the government cannot start the car
it planned for power,
but now power has plans for them
a real disaster,
that raises the skirt and lowers the hem
it is a place,
where we wear masks on our face
we wash our hands,
as governments with their greedy eyes
washes its hands of us
a documentary defining moment
of leaders whose substance never seems much
gather up the tinned food,
that toilet roll, let it be tightly clutched
this bunch of idiots,
mean we are out of luck
be honest, they only care about capitalism
they never really care about us

James Garratt – Saturday 15th March 2020

James Garratt – March 2020

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