Crossing the Border – Written Thursday 13th April 2006 (Aged 31)

Crossing the Border

why must all these negative traits
be the result of autism?
what does that really say
it says the person who thinks like that –
has let prejudice get in the way
they obviously see autism –
as a negative trait
it is a shame to let your life
to be dogged by that kind of hate
how do they react –
to the sight of a smiling face
from a child with down syndrome,
do they assign negative traits
and what about the handsome man
confined to a wheelchair
do they patronise and smile
but underneath find no real care
so i will ask again –
why must negative traits
be assigned to a condition or disorder
there is a land of pure ignorance
and that is how you cross the border

James Garratt – Thursday 13th April 2006

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