The Dial – Written Wednesday 6th December 2000 (Aged 25)

The Dial

you have made me angry
you have moved me to tears
you moved me away
and dismissed the value of years
you have made me laugh
you have changed the way i think
you have made me reflect on the past
and we have been to the brink
you have made me love
you have made me excited,
lethargic and wonderfully targeted
you have rotated the dial
scanned through every colour
you have been through all my smiles
you have made me feel like a man
and shown me the beauty of the inner child
you have struggled with pain
and we have both been through change
you have loved and left…
and loved me once again
you have devalued me
and taken away my respect
you have made me everything
but now it is time for the rest

James Garratt – Wednesday 6th December 2000

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