Support Situation Needed – Written Sunday 21st April 2002 (Aged 2002)

Support Situation Needed

i want a little support
because it feels lonely to be blamed
i would have gone
but i was talking to you
and i had left,
well, that would never do
i want to feel understood
i know it is selfish
and i know i should not be alarmed
but when i am breaking down
i want tow truck style arms
i want a little support
i should not get angry
but i do feel a little hurt
i do not like to be in the wrong
although, it seems to happen often
but when i am doing the right thing
why should it all fall down
all around my ears
i want a little support
i want just a little understanding
a little guidance
especially when the pilot is crash landing

James Garratt – Sunday 21st April 2002

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