What Prize? – Written Sunday 26th April 2015 (Aged 40)

What Prize?

what price –
is your sanity
when you, ‘share’, bits –
of stuff
you are just referring to yourself –
just get the fuse changed
fix what needs to be fixed
uncurl that lip
unfurl those bits
i can tell you –
all about corridors
and places barely lit
i could put on my glasses
to see where i did not fit
i could dance –
just to feel the displacement of my hip
tell a joke –
falling from pursed lips
what prize –
for your horticultural insanity
your potting shed mentality
so self centred –
the centre has left the self
confidence is crooked
and the ego wants to be somebody else

James Garratt – Sunday 26th April 2015

James Garratt – April 2015

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