Hardest Months – Written November 2012 (Aged 37)

Hardest Months

hardest months
have been the last few months
we shared –
one final cup of tea
and we shared –
one last bakewell tart
we bid farewell
and fate deemed she had to depart
though it was never my bid
as the world I knew fell apart

i fell in love just prior
and that love remains
but i could cry in equal measure
for the confidence you lack
for the way your parents
sailed but never changed tack
they just sailed into a rock cave
and never turned back

hardest months
tempered by new experiences
she will forever here
sat there, in her chair
or forever the six o’clock phone call
happiest months
now must be ahead
we share a space, a special place
even though my heart so aches
since she left this place

James Garratt – November 2012

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