Inserection – Written Sunday 10th January 2021 (Aged 45)


there is amplification
to misconception
and morality
as it curls up in the tightest ball
courage and leadership at times like this
just looks too small
just now,
we need hope to stand tall
for compassion,
to tear down hateful walls
but we have are cruel powerful white men
and lame duck fools

there are tears
flowing freely into voting pots
that lay upon shattered thoughts
there are hopes
which are never caught
and meanwhile,
the darkness,
which exists in the, ‘soul’
places others in the noose
and watches equality become crushed within the fold
we can step out of this –
this quagmire of sorrow and mistruth
desecrating honesty –
as it is trampled by hates own hoof

James Garratt – Sunday 10th January 2021

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