Elites Have All the Wealth – Written Monday 11th January 2021 (Aged 45)

Elites Have All the Wealth 

they have been fooled by -
by an economic lie 
that does not quell the anger inside 
they turn to capitalists -
both real and imagined for their answers
but no questions are examined 
because the elites - 
have no interest
in sharing their wealth 
or adhering to ideas of -
fairness and social justice
they do not acknowledge privilege 
and would rather spread hate -
and alter facts or deny history 
it is economics -
and economic policy 
that has led to their plight 
and the idea that privilege -
is always coloured white 
the loss of industry the inequalities in health 
the stagnation of hope 
it is all economic policy because -
elites have all the wealth 

James Garratt - Monday 11th January 2021 

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