Just Three Letters – Written Tuesday 15th February 1994 and October 1994 (Aged 18/19)

Just Three Letters

she was the girl
who i wanted to explain love to me
i do not know if i can believe in love
what does it mean?
it is a romantics world
for it is their dream,
it is really that unreal
what is the difference between lust and love
just three letters or something you feel
i need to know,
i need to know that if i find it
i know what i have found
she was a daydream
a rose coloured scene
she knew i had been eager for her touch
but once was enough
and twice seemed far too much
define me love,
is it sick or bust
tell me how we all feel
come on, is it just lust
i need to find a mate, like all animals
the need to procreate

James Garratt – 1994

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