Running Away (Back to Yesterday) – Written Thursday 28th October 1994 (Aged 19)

Running Away (Back to Yesterday)

you know it is quite funny
if you look around
from the day we are born
to the day,
our shell returns to the ground
so funny, life is absolute irony
everywhere you look
it would be good if we knew the end
like, reading the last page of a book
learning to trust a friend
they stole something,
what is it that they took
the people who made me grow up
i wanted to run away
back to where i could
back to yesterday
where i think everything is good
cannot face the future, let alone today
i will meet you in the high place
make things okay
and dance with the shadows from your face
got to do it, be there, somehow get away
back to yesterday from today

James Garratt – Thursday 28th October 1994

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