We Are The Weird – Written Sunday 30th October 1994 (Aged 19)

We Are The Weird

can’t you work it out
we are the weird
no black clothes and purple hair
it does not matter what you wear
really weird people,
are born like it
it is a state of mind
not the state of your clothes
we are the weird,
i think you will find
it is how you see the world
it is the way in which you do things
we are the weird
cloaked only in strangeness
a lone tear,
we are the weird
turn your back to front music up
it odes not make you no different
you do not have stand out from the crowd
by being so miserable or even too loud
you can weird inside
we are the the weird
it is a state of mind
really weird people,
will struggle to be normal
where as pretenders will struggle to be weird
we are the weird
societies greatest ever fear
loners with nothing ever there
we are the weird

James Garratt – Sunday 30th October 1994

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