I Looked Around (Then I Looked In) – Written Wednesday 12th May 1999 (Aged 24)

I Looked Around (Then I Looked In)

why do i feel this way
feeling depressed all the time
i look around at the world
and it haunts my mind
i looked around today,
then i looked in
can you guess what i saw?
well i saw a screaming child
and, ‘tramps’ camped by the doors

i looked around
and then i looked in
i could see people in offices
and they were desperate to get out
their lives,
no more than an unexciting bore
i looked at mine
and it is a godawful mess

i start work at nine
and even though,
i make sure i leave at five
i know i am still chained to the desk
so i looked around,
and then i looked in
i cannot shake this depression
it hangs on me like an ill fitting cloak
i am scared for myself
life, it feels like so many hard learnt lessons
and i have to be honest,
i am so worried about me

James Garratt – Wednesday 12th May 1999

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