Changing Things – Written March 1994 (Aged 19)

Changing Things

i am changing the things i do
because, they do not involve you
i am changing the places i go
because, they are not my kind of show
i changing things, don’t you know?
i know i used to hate you,
and put you down, just as i turned around
but i am changing my tune
because the old one had a terrible sound

a rune,
could be dealt by my hand
and i know it would tell me to change things
for once, i read them and understand
changing scenes, making dreams
changing the way i go
changing things, don’t you know?

i picked up the wrong people
i called them my own but late at night,
i felt my lead feet as i reached my home
and i still felt alone
then, we started being friends again
felt like, second time lucky that i had found you
but it is all because i am changing things
changing to people like you
people who can help me build dreams
not destroying them, not taking them away
and certainly, not destroying my day

James Garratt – March 1994

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