Mind Ache – Written Thursday 1st February 1996 (Aged 20)

Mind Ache

somewhere out there you are waiting
i never meant to feel this way
i cannot fall away
somewhere out there the tears i gave
are wet on the ground,
of some forgotten grave
a grave that contains all that is bad
all the things that could not be saved
somewhere out there, you are there
this life, it could be you and me
but then, life could be everything
and life could be anybody
i am telling you, it is out there
sometimes i think so much
it makes my mind ache
somewhere out there i am waiting
waiting by some rusty old gate
one that creaks,
and one that is rarely opened
i never meant to end joking
believe me, i do take all this seriously
somewhere out there, there is you and me

James Garratt – Thursday 1st February 1996

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