Special Friend – Written Friday 17th February 1995 (Aged 19)

Special Friend

you are a part of me
i hope you realise that
not in a sexual way
just a part of my life
always there,
to give me direction
an extra line of sight
making everything alright

i thought about you,
not being there today
i could not comprehend
after all,
you are such a special friend
always easing the pain
i hope i do the same

you are a part of me
i hope you always will be
i am sure you will
i am sure of how we feel
but that is way out of sight
i reckon we that will have to wait
for another life

i am happy,
with things as they are
they are okay, they are alright
my special friend
the way we work together
the messages that we send
living these days
my special friend

James Garratt – Friday 17th August 1995

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