Things I Collect – Written Sunday 19th October 1995 (Aged 19)

Things I Collect

tomorrow it will be over
and, it will be out of my system for good
i would burn your photo
but what would it achieve?
in a way i have to hope
and i have got to believe
my tears are only for what could have been
and my tears are for when i wake up –
remembering the dream
i hope you are happy in the things you do
it does annoy me when things go like this
but there is no way i can respect you
you are just a photograph
crumpled up and left lying by some other things –
which i used to collect
just like me memories and my dreams
without any respect, nothing is what it seems
that is true and you have proved that
during the time i knew you
and now, you are just something i collect

James Garratt – Sunday 19th February 1995

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