Mad on Everything – Written Monday 20th February 1995 (Aged 19)

Mad on Everything

foolish people live in the same place
always staying the same
to be a fool is something staid
just hope that your parents are rich
then you know you have got it made
i would eat with a silver spoon
if first, i could prise it out of –
of some foolish person’s mouth
i would live in their homemade castle
as long it was in the sunny south
and the corridors were made of marble
foolish people drive too fast
buy nice clothes and kick up a stink
when their favourite things do not last
or when they cannot manage another drink
let them live on their moral high ground
so they can survey all the others
who are just living around
i think i might be thinking of me
because i am a hypocritical preacher
but it keeps me happy
at least it try to be a teacher
instead of something that is lacking
but i would never be a foolish person
for all my life
and i would never take the hand
of such a foolish wife
or live in a foolish dream, just got to be –
got to be made on everything

James Garratt – Monday 20th February 1995

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