Meanings – Written Monday 20th February 1995 (Aged 19)


meanings out of nowhere
like visitors from outer space
meanings, contrived and abstract
do not turn away to face the bright lights
meanings, always distorting fact
some subtle reason out of compassion
for the free-thinking champion
make a martyr out of a fool
meanings dressed up in their best emotions
a guilt trip tool
heart stopping decision’s always rule
meanings meant for me and you
meanings given to her and him
it has to be said,
and it is true
when you are drinking a bottle of gin
there is not a thing that you cannot do
meanings get you all the time
when the day has been downhill all the way
when the day has been fine
meetings in your mind always stay
building something out of nothing
is the best feeling you can get
meanings are there and they are so real
it is a pity they are so hard to forget
but they are all too easy to feel

James Garratt – Monday 20th February 1995

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