Everyone Is There – Written Saturday 25th February 1995 -Birthday! (Aged 20)

Everyone Is There

things like this
make me wonder about people like you
everyone says it will be okay
everyone says it is going to be alright
soon you will see the day
instead of this relentless night
you friend could not front up to my face
and she thought it was her special place
you could hold me if you want
it will always be up to you
we will get along just fine
because none of us know what to do
someone else asks –
why i cannot give it one hundred percent
suddenly, holding each other seems so hollow
and i start to lament
but my words are no get away
i realise that i have used her again
and i have ruined another day
but they can do what they like
people can keep on putting you down
but i think, you will always be around
i am starting to find you
and i am not sure about what i knew
things like this –
seem to highlight people just like you

James Garratt – Saturday 25th February 1995

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