Just a Child – Written Sunday 26th February 1995 (Aged 20)

Just a Child

when i saw you go away
there, in a crowd
i just saw a child
shuffling amidst the confusion
trying to be an adult
but never completing the illusion
it is so hard,
just to like yourself
wanting to be everybody else

when i saw you go away
my mind bled and my soul cried
somehow i knew
something had died

when i saw you go away
i knew you were just a child
and i knew that –
when i finally spoke to you
it hurts to have hurt you
and i realised, i did still care
but i am fed up of people –
playing with my feelings
treating them,
as if they are not worth anything
when i know, they are
and humiliation hurts
the scars running deep and far
i know you are just a child
i know that is all you are

James Garratt – Sunday 26th February 1995

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