As I Watched Another Bright Blue Sky Melt – Written Monday 27th February 1995 (Aged 20)

As I Watched Another Bright Blue Sky Melt

saying things that we never really mean
it caused so much pain
and i nearly ripped myself apart
but i do not want to be left –
feeling so humiliated
i am sure i will be many things in life –
but i will never play that part
and i think,
now you can experience a little pain
and i am sorry if i appear childish and petty
but over the years,
people like you have driven me insane
i have been taking it for too long
and now, when i have a little self respect
i think, never again
how do you think i felt
as i was left staring at dying sun
and as i watched another bright blue sky melt
i finally snapped,
realising that i am really quite gullible
suddenly, i wanted to know
where do people like you get off
is it from making people like me look like fools
surely i never treated you that bad
i was not a runaway train
i always gave you an opportunity to get off
and there was always a way out
if you thought that you’d had enough
and i do not want to drag it like this
it feels like i am reliving all the pain
i know you have got your problems
but does that mean people must be used
does it give you that right?
will you always, every time put yourself first
and will that be,
always at the expense of others
i am sorry, truly sorry, i just really hurt

James Garratt – Monday 27th February 1995

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