Did You Guess? – Written Monday 27th February 1995 (Aged 20)

Did You Guess?

did you guess –
did you think i knew
when i see those who are weird
i always see you
what are you trying to do?
you can run but you cannot hide
because, when you are sneaking down back alleys
how are you going to survive?
you cannot live off the cool white moon
everyone would find you pretty soon
did you that it was me
did you know how i feel
about the things around me
i have been to the brink
but i was lucky, some people kept me afloat
whilst others wanted to see me sink
the anger i feel
is at the things around me
i have got a friend, destroyed at sixteen
left to feel forever unclean
i have a friend who is gone in the head
needs a woman constantly craving attention
to share a bed
i have got a friend drinking to forget
and all the time,
we are finding it harder to live
you seem to being it all to a head
and i find it very hard to forgive
it is not very super and it is not very free
did you guess, did you guess it was me

James Garratt – Monday 27th February 1995

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