Social Perfection is a Lie – Written Saturday 7th August 2021 (Aged 46)

Social Perfection is a Lie

do people reinforce negatives
a position of defence
causes less offence
or maybe
it is just a white flag held aloft

as soon
as the position
of, i am not like them’
or social situations
are, ‘not my bag’
it calls upon
an army of reinforcers
to reinforce this face

maybe we all feel like that
because the true position is
none of us,
really feel like we fit in
and all find talking
sometimes hard
and in reality, mingling with others
is why it is hard to take part

would you believe it
if i told you something
and it was information gathered
as i had been the perfect spy
the idea of fitting in is a social phantasm
and social perfection is a lie

James Garratt – Saturday 7th August 2021

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