Last Week I Swam With the Heaviest Heart – Written December 2011 (Aged 36)

Last Week I Swam With The Heaviest Heart

today i picked up –
the heaviest pen –
that i have ever lifted
peter pan knocked on my door
but i did not feel gifted

last week i swam –
with the heaviest heart
the heaviest that i have ever swam with
and all the cartoons came flooding back
on the outline were the gifts

yesterday i was practical
and i distributed my words
like a modern day saint
but my thoughts were gripped by a surrealist
ready to paint

i washed back the memories
of me and mum
and i dreamt in places
where we were together
cosseted by out much younger faces

i of course turned my venom –
on those i assume –
sit down and go to waste
i talk of course about the selfish girl
who does nothing but stuff her face

James Garratt – December 2011

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