Romance Their Loneliness – Written November 2002 (Aged 27)

Romance Their Loneliness

they do not know my truth
but they took a guess anyway
what could i say
i would romance their loneliness
and they had fallen
now to make themselves more secure
i must take the blame
so i wore the clothes of a villain
and they felt good again
and i remembered its not who you are
but the role you are playing
i cannot complain
because it suited me
when i was playing the game
but now i have moved on
they do not know the truth
the reputation has not gone
hypocrites, the lot of them
but what could i do
sell them down the river
and pull apart their shelters
which are on the verge of collapse
they do not know the truth
close the door and pull down the latch

James Garratt – November 2002

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