Memories Blow in the Breeze – Written December 2011 (Aged 36)

Memories Blow in the Breeze

there are breadcrumbs on the floor
just stacked up –
by an open door
and all the memories
hang upon a washing line
blowing in the breeze
please do not think of yourself
just try to remember me –
in this chaos
and into this storm
the one which has always raged
and into which i was born
there is flour –
on the kitchen worktop
and a time –
shown on a clock which has stopped
paused and poised
on ballerina legs
there is a garden pond –
left only with the dregs
and those memories blow in the breeze
held by the most brittle pegs
because in the end –
that is all that is left

James Garratt – December 2011

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