Dating Game – Written October 2009 (Aged 34)

Dating Game

i am not sure i like this dating game
it is not much fun
trying to sell yourself on the internet
they check out your picture
and you check out of your respect
sending one million e mails
where you become fun and crazy
trying to justify your lack of ambition
and convince them it is not because you are lazy
a bit of flirting,
in those words carefully typed
you try to be the all round star
and not so over hyped, you reply to so many
but those who do reply
can hardly be counted as plenty
and a friend tells you it is all elementary
and when at last, you find a fish
in the net which you cast
your brain has turned to mush
and you struggle to think
bold, shy or somewhere in-between
you dare to ask them out for a drink
and how many dates have you had
where they say things like –
i am not looking for anything –
actually i am just looking for friends
you know they are looking for something
but when it comes to you, before it starts, it ends

James Garratt – October 2009

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