Dating Site – Written Tuesday 27th October 2009 (Aged 34)

Dating Site

why else would they be on a dating site
they were not there for nothing
they want to meet mr. right
and how many dates have you had
where you just watch the clock
i mean, you try to be yourself
and it just seems to offends
all her answers are closed
and you think, god, when does this end
so you are back on the website
picking through pictures
trying to guess what is right
a wink and a smile, it’s just hours spent
please forgive me,
if it appears i have some contempt
and in secret, i would love –
to find the perfect clinch
but as i trawl through the pictures
i remain unconvinced
i am not sure i like this dating game
it seems be made up of rejection
and should i even complain
after all i have pointed my life in this direction
and if it does not drive me insane
i wonder if someone could look –

beyond a picture and a name

James Garratt – Tuesday 27th October 2009

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