Beneath the Veneer – Written January 2013 (Aged 37)

Beneath the Veneer

they caused so much hurt
so much pain
and there never was any acknowledgement
or even a comforting words
tell me, how is it –
those sort of people travel through life
and seemingly, never have to pay
the tolls we all have to pay
and does no one care enough to step in
does no one love them enough to step in
i wonder what lies the beneath the veneer
the veneer that these people learn to polish
which i believe they polish to hide –
hide the doubts, the anxieties –
the issues with self esteem
and i do not think that for example –
people like them are inherently bad
i just believe they are mind-numbingly sad
and i must assume,
those type of people are in so much pain

James Garratt – January 2013

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