Turning Off The Information Super Highway – Written Sunday 19th September 2021 (Aged 46)

Turning Off The Information Super Highway

over the weekend –
i left and unfollowed more social media groups
after all,
why should common interest
equate to being friends
once i’d unfollowed and left –
i felt okay about this
and by okay –
i mean i fully recognise my own retreat
from busy, unfriendly and over populated streets
those on the information super highway
it was never really my way
it was always rat packs, push backs and cutbacks
and now it’s like –
the days when it was shelves i stacked
and dreams i eagerly unpacked
there is a risk that i’m suggesting –
i have it licked
of being seen as pious
of too readily throwing out sermons from the pulpit
but i do, i do feel much better for it
as if i have being too warm –
and i have removed those excessive layers
i know have reached something of my core
something of who i am
i just wanted to tell you, just wanted you to understand

James Garratt – Sunday 19th September 20021

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