You Get The Society You Vote For – Written Monday 18th October 2021 (Aged 46)

You Get The Society You Vote For

so, someone –
they called for division and unity
and they called for an end –
to mud slinging,
name calling and division
but that is how they have governed us
and we have a leadership –
up to their necks in filth
and with a population –
who all too often junk notions of morality
who they throw out the idea
of ethics in our leaders
so when horrific events happens
and unspeakable events actually speak
in a society that is so disconnected and broken
why are any of us so surprised
the population has voted in filthy lies
surely blood must be on their hands
yet, for swathes of the population
they do not accept or even understand
and they have to accept –
that they voted in this corrupted mess
i will be honest with you –
i am not surprised and i am not unsure because,
you get the society you vote for

James Garratt – Monday 18th October 2021

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