Unconditional Love – Written January 2003 (Aged 27)

Unconditional Love

does it exist, unconditional love?
aren’t there always conditions?
aren’t there always illusions?
i never knew anything different
i thought that was the way
that there was always a price
a price that you had to pay
and the cost,
was every piece of hope and belief –
that you lost
unconditional love
is it you?
or is there still a price
could it ever exist in anyone’s life?
if there was ever a drought
then i felt it
if there was ever a price
i am certain that i always paid it
just to be part of a fold
well i paid that one tenfold
and now, many many years later
my own sad story has been told
unconditional love
wrap your arms around me
turn off the light,
tell me all about it,
now that my pain is free

James Garratt – January 2003

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