Judge and Jury – Written Wednesday 12th October 2005 (Aged 30)

Judge and Jury

i was surprised to find myself in court
for i was not aware of my crime
so why had been bought?
i was saddened,
to see that the judge was self appointed
i was concerned,
to see that their belly fire was self righteous
and their mind was disjointed
judgement was passed on all aspects of my life
but all i had asked for was love and care
not the emotional knife
friends were discounted, even my future wife
was hauled before the judge
and they were told, our relationship was not right
despite the hurt caused
all this self righteous judgement speak
reminded me of the damage caused by abuse
but there i stood, in the dock
my family, my life, hopes, all led to the stocks
and i was pelted with rotten fruit
but i realised it was someone else’s belief
which was rotten to the core, but caught as i was
there was at least a changeable word i could speak

James Garratt – Written Wednesday 12th October 2005

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