Individual Passions – Written Thursday 18th January 2022 (Aged 46)

Individual Passions

modern life –
no longer wants to compromise
people no longer –
want to live in ill fitting boxes
people grow up –
and there are overwhelming choices
everyone wants to be heard –
over the clamouring and the competing voices

modern life –
it has become a capitalist slog
free markets have not set us free
and none wants to be just another cog
not in a system –
where you are part of a herd –
where you chase down –
every pro-noun, noun and verb

modern life –
resilience as a word may be problematic
but perhaps it is emblematic –
of a society that is no longer so systematic
and people no longer –
want their labels written for them
they just want to be heard above all others

compromise is no more than a dwindling fashion
now, in our modern world we abandon collectives
and we can be consumed by individual passions

James Garratt – Thursday 8th January 2022

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