We Can Build a Street – Written Friday 30th October 2015 (Aged 40)

We Can Build a Street

i think about me
and i think i need to keep it calm
i know i could be more gentle
but they diagnosed me
and… well now it is just, ‘and’
and to be honest,
i just do not know
i do have love and compassion
and humanity –
is always a storm just lashin’
but sometimes my best intentions
just come down crashing
i should have been a pilot
then i could fly you away
i should have been a solid voice
with a currency to what i say
people want security –
no the blanket of shaky mentality
kicking away the crutches of reality
i think with each other –
we could hold on and build a street

James Garratt – Friday 30th October 2015

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