Wish List – Written January 2022 (Aged 46)

Wish List

i wish
i wish i had stood up to her parents
i wish
i wish i had stood my ground
overwhelmed as i was
confidence more lost than found

i wish
i wish i’d stood up to that sister
the one who i traced
instead, i let her distressed behaviour
pummel me in the face
and the consequence was
i became bitter and cruel
obsessed with my own personal case
the one about personal justice
and the need for resolution
but i wish instead i’d invoked confident revolution
and i wish i’d being a better person
why does life teach the hardest lessons?

i wish
i wish i had not destroyed our lives
in such a hurtful way
but then, happiness did find them
and it seems that it has stayed
what was the use,
when i could not offer those happier days
but i wish
i wish i had stood up to her parents in so many ways
and all those other people too
the years do add something to your character
and a clarity that rings true

James Garratt – January 2022

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