Cheaper Truths – Written January 2022 (Aged 46)

Cheaper Truths

you cannot wear your parents clothes
they should not fit
you cannot should their lives
they should be too heavy to lift
and their psychological make up
should not leave adulthood in bits
with faulty mascara and damaged lipstick

cheaper truths,
are the fruits of many a family tree
as the expensive truths
remain out to sea
there is no insurance for assurance
on what you want to be
however cheaper truths,
are the fruit of many a family tree

do i fear,
the trickle down economics
of my parents and their fates
do i strive for independence
against a fixed family interest rate
does a cheaper truth
manage a semblance of truth
if it is never anchored to a truthful root

i cannot step into my parents shoes
i do not fit their boots
i cannot echo their voices
and let my own vote be mute
i cannot store their byte size data
when so much of it does not compute
and one in a family tree should be forced –
to eat the fruit of those cheaper truths

James Garratt – January 2022

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