Working From Home – Written Friday 28th January 2022 (Aged 46)

Working From Home

they want us back in the office
that is the latest culture war
the tory backbenchers
and the right wing pundits
the commentators,
they want us back in the office
working hard,
they want the zero hour contracts
and the minimum wagers
with the low paid
to get back to work,
and prop up capitalism
and the wealthy few
this is yet another culture war
that they wage on me and you
but we have felt the cool breeze,
of bully free zones
a commute that works
and the joy of being at home
is this another victorian age
of mill and factory workers with no unions
for the poorly paid
they want us back in the office
well maybe for a couple of days a week
but i would rather,
give this work life balance thing a go
but we need to fight back
we need to push back with all our gusto

James Garratt – Friday 28th January 2022

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