Flights of Fancy – Written Thursday 24th March 2022 (Aged 47)

Flights of Fancy

flights of fancy
any maybe what could have been
stir the coffee
and hold onto those milkshake dreams
the wiring is complex
when it comes to human beings
it was good for them
but not for us
a lifetime spent together
with no actual need –
to experience different
versions of the weather
all that means is that –
you are hanging on forever
flights of fancy
and those eyes which flicker at you
stir the coffee
find the scrapbook and the glue
the system has irregular cogs
look longingly and then walk the dog
we look at others
and hang onto the pauses
then we dream under our covers
and think about those different doors
dreams, committed to a charitable cause

James Garratt – Thursday 24th March 2022

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