Forgotten – Written Monday 9th November 2015 (Aged 40)


we have forgotten those that fell
hewn down,
in battlefields and streets of hell
we have forgotten,
because if we really remembered
then we’d not dress all this up
with a kind of diseased nobility
and soppy sentiment,
we would pause and reflect on the horror
there are no heroes, just victims
shells not mighty warriors
a land of hope and glory
where failing community services
tell a very different story
we have forgotten and not remembered one bit
we have made up stories
to make the made up history fit
lest we forget?
we have barely remembered
and is it your loved one, son or daughter
coming home in a body bag?
no amount of pomp or draping coffins in flag
can make up for the horrors of conflict
it is all so very sad

James Garratt – Monday 9th November 2015

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