The Loose Fitting Ring – Written Sunday 3rd January 2016 (Aged 40)

The Loose Fitting Ring

turn to, ‘significant other’,
for bedspread or cover
but, ‘significant other’,
is bent double,
and gasping for air
after all, parents lived in rubble
and did not care
derelict and afraid
just as a woman with no confidence –
dreamed once that she had it made
but life beyond those checklist goals
houses, gin bars, mortgages,
even tiny foals
it can be lean,
so play with the loose fitting ring
wipe away tears which drown –
the dreams that you dream
what happens when you realise –
that the clouds have escaped
when the witness for the prosecution
is sadly, very sadly, never late

James Garratt – Sunday 3rd January 2016

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