Echoes of Our Past – Written Monday 4th April 2022 (Aged 47)

Echoes of Our Past

houses –
they don’t give up their possessions easily
we are moving house
but how much stuff have we moved?
yet, still there appears to be more
clearly we have more than enough
and much we could lose
so we take out what we have in a steady march
which only takes away our breath
and causes beads of constant sweat
out come the cleaners,
but memories cannot be just swept
some evidence of tears form in the corners of our eyes
houses do not give up their possessions easily
we take things out,
yet there is still more stuff inside
yet, we keep on packing more carboard boxes
the huff and the puff of the last few weeks
leaves us so tired and so utterly exhausted
but slowly, very slowly the house starts to empty
it feels like it is fighting us to the last
till eventually every room comes with an echo
and it’s an echo to our past

James Garratt – Monday 4th April 2022

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