The First Line – Written February 2001 (Aged 25)

The First Lime

i lost her…
well… she lost me…
well… we lost each other…
but, to be honest though
i am not entirely sure –
that we ever found each other
so i guess…
the first line of this is wrong
but it is too late now
too late for me to write another line
so you will have stick with it
and accept the line i wrote
so although this is not strictly true
you can look upon it as a misquote
but i cannot start again
because it is true,
none of us are getting any younger
so it would be fair to say
that we never really found each other
okay that’s the line that is correct
that’s the one we should never forget
that is true but the first line is not
somehow we never found each other
yet somehow, we both lost

James Garratt – February 2001

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