Circle in a Maze of Squares – Written Saturday 23rd July 2022 (Aged 47)

Circle in a Maze of Squares

we actually have no choice
they kick out their leader
from his privileged house
they encourage another to step in
just to take us for a ride
but we actually have no choice
let alone any voice
they tell us, these enlightened beings –
that not to vote is such a waste
but what is the use –
when all we get is another waste of space
with a dose of societal pain
the problem is,
our democracy is about power
and never about change,
that is why they kicked corbyn in the face
and doused him in acid rain
because if you democratise power
than things might just change
but we do have the choice
these people,
consumed as they are by their mental health
hold the keys to the castle
and the precious wealth
so we traipse around the funfair
chasing circles in a maze of squares
would you long for change with me?
and would you be there?

James Garratt – Saturday 23rd July 2022

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