In Bits – Written Saturday 23rd July 2022 (Aged 47)

In Bits

here i am about to
or at least close to half a century age
and what have i learned?
I have learned –
that i knew nothing –
at an age when i thought i did
and i have also learned –
that my toxicity never really hid
and that my self confidence –
was a disguise that fooled no one
and i have realised my humour –
stemmed from the more diverse times
and i never truly understood –
the bruises and scars on my mind
and now i know –
the thesis of my own psychology
i have settled onto a more contented reality
and i am as honest as i can be
i do not need to be a multi sided shape
with a name,
no one can pronounce
theses are the things i have learnt
and here i am,
in my sparkling middle age
and i am far from being fixed
with a pan full of trauma of which i can sift
but most of all i have learned –
and it is okay to be in bits

James Garratt – Saturday 23rd July 2022

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