False Claim – Written Saturday 26th November 2005 (Aged 30)

False Claim

how sad is it,
when you claim to be love someone
yet you cause them to cry
and the tears that they cry
do not lubricate your emotions
how sad is that?
how said is it,
when for some love is just a word
one that you say,
as the wind blows the dandelions away
and i know,
you do not understand the hurt
and that you do not understand people
even though you claim to know how they work
yet, in reality,
it is an idea with which you just flirt
how sad is it,
that the love you claim to have
does not make you actually reach out
because to me,
love, like any powerful emotion
should push you to almost inhuman lengths
how sad is it,
that you do not have true inner strength
and you remain so cold,
how sad is it,
that you remain so emotionless
that in fact you do nothing, not even fight
what kind of love is that?
surely not one that can ever truly hold you tight

James Garratt – Saturday 26th November 2005

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