Living Your Confirmation Bias – Written Monday 18th August 2022 (Aged 47)

Living Your Confirmation Bias

do you read just what you want to believe
or do you have actual curiosity to feed?
are the pages you turn just the ones you want to turn
or is there an actual desire to learn?
i always think,
and i always wonder about belief systems
what is it that people actually need to prove
does everything have to be a conflict
modern life is framed by the fact no one wants to lose
and is it really us and them or is it them and us?
looking across social media platforms, taking in other views
is it ever truly a must?
i am not sure what is worse,
them or you?
either way their seems to be little knowledge type thirst
no real desire to learn anything new
because when i look across my social media platforms
all i see is what sits with your beliefs, and your views

James Garratt – Monday 18th August 20222

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