Perceptions – Written August 2009 (Aged 34)


they said to me, ‘at my age’
i should be, ‘settled down’
i should be living,
on one those new build estates
cleaning my car on sunday
seeking salvation in my house
and its,
bigger than theirs conservatory
i should be married,
to a, ‘respectful girl’,
she will do…
she will keep me warm when it is cold
bare a few children
to make me feel satisfied when i’m old
i should have got that steady job,
that will do…
middle management,
can be the peak of my dreams
and when i sip my alcohol
i could pretend experience is not what it seems
and when the respectful girl,
becomes bored and goes insane
when the children grow up
and when i can no longer hide from the pain
i will sip whiskey until i am gone
and pretend it does not matter
but i will wonder if the sun ever shone

James Garratt – August 2009

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