Just a quick word about the Boy Behind the Glasses project.

Gosh, I have been writing a long time…

I know that but equally, I have never seen myself as a, ‘writer’ or a, ‘poet’, I started writing things down purely as a response to what was happening to me growing up. It always felt like the most natural self help therapy.

But it is there, all of it, writing pads going back nearly 30 years, filling up boxes which in turn fill up my shed. Over the years I have promised myself i would do something with all this writing and poetry that, despite most of it in its nature being quite throwaway, because that’s how I write, it should really have a home, a sort of archive.

Not only is it a massive project but one that holds a lot of emotion. I often used writing to reflect, capture, display the most difficult parts of me and my life. Imagine going back in time and meeting the awkward slightly embarrassing younger version of you. At times when i have looked back on my writing from twenty years ago, that is exactly what it has felt like.

But here we are, the plan is use this site to start documenting that writing. I have started building this site here and there will be learning process and i explore what i can do here and decide how i present the writing. I have an initial idea of keeping it simple. An archive style of system of the years and what the writing with occasionally posts of work i am doing now which i like, or if i do go back and meet awkward slightly embarrassing younger version of me and we get on, then maybe a few poems i wrote from when i was much younger.

I always say the whole is greater than the sum of the parts, so i never sat down to write this technically amazing poetry, it was about capturing the moment or maybe moments but i like to think that collectively i achieved a lot in capturing periods of my life which otherwise would have been lost to the unreliability of memories.

So, let’s get some of this writing typed up and see where we end up.

James – June 2019

I am a 40 something sometime writer. I live in the South West of the UK but originally I am from Essex.

4 thoughts on “Just a quick word about the Boy Behind the Glasses project.

  1. It takes a lot of bravery to put your stuff out there, I guess. Everything I had ever written was a source of privacy, just pure unwinding. I see how it can be extremely therapeutical. But with your poems, you can tell the source of inspiration comes more from within, rather than a duty to keep a blog running.

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    • Thank you, I agree, in a way though I have always blogged by writing, it’s very kind to say its brave, I know it is but like any writing, only you know where it really comes from so although people will and always do form an opinion and interpretation around it, it’s true meaning is with you. in that sense all writing and poetry is perfect for saying what you like, facing the world but keeping a little privacy :). And isn’t fun to be really personal and honest in public 🙂


    • Thank you – I think my writing was a source of privacy but then I found something of me with the world that was complete expression and it had a kind of power. My inspiration has always been how i feel at any given moment and that concerns everything from people around me to what i experience. That’s a very kind comment and much appreciated – James


  2. I write, or more precisely wrote short stories, the occasional poem and a few comedy plays.

    When my studies are complete I may pick it up again..

    Your writing is inspirational James.

    Thank you for sharing xxx

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