The Twisted Hand of Inevitable Fate

The Twisted Hand of Inevitable Fate

it seems,
once policy
and plan runs out
is in with a shout
is easy to play into
just say anything…
slag off…
make things up,
politicians so out of ideas
truth and ethics
no longer give a fuck
there is no vision
grand plan or even sleight of hand

it is a free for all
a scrum
lacking intelligence
add any sum,
the labour party are busy,
killing each other with friendly fire
conservative party has forgotten conservatism
and re-branded themselves as deluded liars
liberals sit on the unrewarding fence
the greens have a recyclable dagger
which is also eco friendly and well meant
the far right,
just blame and hate
their arguments,
lack nor need any weight
this is our twisted hand,
of inevitable fate

James Garratt – Saturday June 8th 2019

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